About me

I am a professional writer with wide-ranging interests. My background is in journalism, though my creative writing began in my teens (a very long time ago!)

I had numerous jobs before more or less stumbling into journalism, this at the quite late age of 35. But better late than never! My first posting was with icNewcastle, the on-line portal for Newcastle Chronicle and Journal. I managed their Ex-pats page and also wrote features for The Journal’s Do You Remember? I will never forget the very first story I worked on. This was to interview an ARP warden. He attended the scene of the German bombing of Wilkinson’s pop factory, North Shields (Saturday May 3 1941.)

My second post was on the Special Features Desk for the Evening Gazette in Middlesbrough. I wrote their regular supplement, Remember When. I think the most memorable story from this was interviewing a 110-year-old lady. She had very vivid memories of life in the 1900s. Everyone in the retirement home gathered round to hear her speak. She was quite a remarkable lady.

On leaving the Gazette, I decided to become self-employed. This was in 2008. Over the following several years my work has included a long running series (Weekend Walks) for North-east Press, website content for businesses, PR, and, latterly, Life Story Books.

When I set up Writing Works, I set it a strategic goal, and that is to make it as a published novelist. A first step towards this is to get a literary agent. It has been, as I knew it would, the toughest of all the goals I set myself. Like very other writer, I have my fair share of rejection slips. But the strategic goal remains, it is the polar star by which I steer my course.





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